Meet Sharon K.

Business owners and entrepreneurs make the best dinner table partners, especially when they can describe the joy they feel when they create value in their lives and the lives of others.

But when business owners can't get off the hamster wheel, when they're spinning wheels and getting nowhere, when they focus on the stress and frustration of ownership rather than the satisfaction they get from being their own boss, then it's time for more than riveting small talk. It's time for a heart-to-heart conversation about what to do next.

That's where Frequency Partners founder Sharon Kehnemui steps in. She loves dinner parties, but she doesn't rest on platitudes.

Sharon works with business owners to determine where they must concentrate their energy to increase the hum and reduce the churn. Whether it's lead generation and conversion, pricing, operations, or automated systems to increase productivity, there's always a solution waiting for implementation.

Using proprietary software and visual reports to demonstrate where a company's missing revenues lie, Sharon is methodical about finding solutions to increase a company' growth, and Frequency Partners employs a multitude of resources to ensure effective implementation and measurable returns.

Some bio information for you, too: Now a recovering Washingtonian, in ancient times, Sharon worked on and off Capitol Hill, from banking oversight to public relations to national news and marketing.

Sharon served as Managing Director of Digital Media at The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. Formerly, she spent 15 years in traditional and new media, 12 of them running political news coverage for, where she managed content and assets for Fox News' online audiences during and between four presidential election cycles.

Sharon has also been a registered foreign agent (it's a Washington thing), promoting tourism for the Republic of Turkey, the country where she long ago received her master's degree in international relations at Bilkent University. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Pennsylvania State University.

She is an eternal optimist despite a wicked wit, and her mother says she would have made a good lawyer or perhaps a psychologist.

Another thing about Sharon: Her last name is difficult to pronounce (it's Azerbaijani, not Hawaiian), so she will answer to to make it easy for everyone.

Get talking about where you want to go and how you're going to get there.

Stop leaving your opportunities on the table. Schedule an appointment with Sharon to see the money-making potential in your business.

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I don’t listen to podcasts often, but I was recently asked to participate in the OnFire Ignites B2B Podcast, where I was interviewed by April Renee, who is a Denver-based financial advisor. It was fun!

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You can look up the markers of a failed city. I don’t want to have to enumerate them here but I will – declining population, urban decay/structural failures, massive vacancies, reductions in city services, absconded resources, and unaccountable leadership, to name a few. But that’s NOT WHY I’m writing this.

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