Frequency Partners works with an array of allies whom we support in every way. Our partnership network allows Frequency Partners to offer a comprehensive set of skills and specialties. The professionals in this partnership network are called upon regularly to deliver services you need while ensuring that you have access to all the marketing products offered by a large agency delivered with the personalized touch of a boutique outlet.

This partnership network is comprised of individuals who have all worked previously in some capacity with Sharon K. Each is a professional who has taken up the entrepreneurial spirit of earning his or her own success, and has chosen to build a business from the ground up. Most have worked at some point in a large company, and all are driven to do more than sit behind a desk each day and collect a paycheck. They are problem solvers, they are creative thinkers, and they have mad skills to offer.

We applaud business owners, whether partner or client, and encourage them to work with each other to use their services and to make referrals, whatever the industry or however they can offer assistance.

If you have need for any services from our partnership network, we can help you make the connections you want, or serve as your coordinator from project gestation to completion. Please let us know what you're looking for and we can make the match.

Meet our Partnership Network:

Logos and Brand Design: Orangehat

Graphic Design: D4Design Concepts

Media and Public Relations: Sound Speed PR

Photography: D4Design Concepts

Video Production: Zinnia Films

Website Development and Hosting: Verve Media

Website Development and Hosting:

Legal, Financial, Insurance, and Other Management Consultancies Available on Demand